About Us

Ashok Baldha

Growth in agriculture sector is matter of joy & I feel that much happy as Bhumi Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is being so cooperative in agriculture development. It is a matter of pride for me to get opportunity of working in “ Save Water Abhiyan ” from childhood. The beginning of our business had been done by providing the micro irrigation implements to the farmers. I feel very proud today. From small to big Bhoomi Company has become India’s multinational company. Still I am doing continuous efforts to develop agriculture with the more enthusiasm. My dream is to provide efficient micro irrigation resources in each farm by playing a big role. So that farmers can get good, easy & efficient irrigation system through which it can be possible to cultivate area with low cost & less water. Continuous decrement in quality of water is the biggest challenge for agriculture. We know that water is national wealth. For this it should be used in good manner. Drip Irrigation System is the best option for the farming under “ Save Water Abhiyan “ & it is one of the successful technologies of the world. I appeal to all the farmers to implement the efficient irrigation system in their own farm and to preserve the value of water which is our national wealth. “BHUMI” is always with you for the development of best irrigation technology.

Rashik Baldha

It is very valuable to become a part of Bhumi polymers Pvt. Ltd. Which is working very well in the field of micro irrigation system in Gujarat. As each drop of water is precious, similarly the value of agriculture development is also precious. It is a matter of pride for us that Bhumi company has developed very rapidly in a very short time,this is the result of gujrat’s farmers trust on company. Nowadays our company bhumi is crossing the boundaries of our country & exporting the implements of micro irrigation system in out of countries manufactured by its own. As a responsible member of the company, I am working with such hope that all the farmers of worldwide can get the implements of best technology & best qualities manufactured by Bhoomi which gives the best result. My strong desire is to get quality & adequate water for the whole world through which the best farming could be putted into effect. The environment should be ideal because the safety of all living organisms is based on the safety of environment.We all are part of this ecosystem so its maintenance is our moral duty. Efficient irrigation system is best for efficient use of water & wealthy farming. Bhumi Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the best companies to produce micro irrigation implements, which is matter of pleasure. My desire is to provide something new & best to the farmers & that is why we are doing hard efforts continuously. I am confident that BHUMI inventions will make agriculture more prosperous.

Our Mission

Through the continuous research and development (R&D) of innovation technologies in the field of micro irrigation technologies, the country and the world’s farmers can cultivate more prosperous with lesser water and the green revolution gets progress.

Our Vision

To each maximum farmers through optimum irrigation system and best services, and working the world’s top technology on the global scale.

Our Clients