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Mini Sprinklar Irrigation Systeam

Bhumi Micro Irrigation System means a technology developed for farmers by a company who knows and understands the farmer and his needs for four decades..
Benefits of Bhumi Mini Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

  • High distribution uniformity of small water drop.

  • Mini sprinkler irrigation Controlled application rate of water.

  • Mini Sprinkler irrigation protect crop by maintain temperature.

  • Gentle precipitation, low droplet impact on soil structure and no foliage damage.

  • Short irrigation cycles to provide optimal growing conditions with highly accessible water and nutrient in controlled wetted and aerated soil profile.


Female Connector Service Saddle Compression Tee
Male Threaded Adopter Double Nozzle - Full Circle Compression Elbow End Cap 
Compression Coupler Camplet Nozzle Set Double

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