Water is gem on earth; Water is life that we all know. Water with no colour, no shape & no taste flows everywhere on which all the creatures of the world depend. The sky or inferno or the clouds or mountains, water Incarnation in many forms… Sometimes as frozen frost and sometimes as soft dew and sometimes falls as a waterfall. From ancient to modern, human has known the importance of water, lived on the bank of river & reserved water. Even in ancient times the GANGA that was originated from SHIVJI’S  jata.

     Many stories of water have been highlighting the importance of it. Not only the drinking water but the struggle of keeping the water resources clean & clear is lifted by the people of the world crossing the boundaries of casteism.

     Everywhere there is different type of water and every type has different use. If you look on the earth, 97% water is in ocean that is exhaustible but still not directly usable as it is salty and it is only usable to ocean creatures. Also 2.5% of water is found in ice form, rest of 0.5% water is usable and the whole world has to survive on this. If we talk about India according to the survey 18% of the world’s total population is in India It has only 4% of water. If we talk about the technology 45% of people have mobiles but only 18% of people have fresh water to drink. So if we see the importance of mobile is not as much that of fresh water still its use is more than that of water. The reason behind that is the people in our country don’t understand the importance of water. It is said that the 80% of the total diseases are waterborne diseases. Despite of this concept there is no pure water for millions of people in the country.

Why we are

     Since, the concept of Micro Irrigation Systems in Gujarat has started, the BHUMI POLYMERS PVT. LTD. Company is working in this area. Initially working as the Distributor of the reputed companies to resources of Micro Irrigation Systems has been provided to the farmer’s farm. As the concept become clear, they started thinking in deeper. In 2001 we started the production of HDPE pipes, Sprinkler irrigation system and instruments for Drip irrigation system. The sentence was clear, considering the need of the company and the demand of the farmers in the field of Micro Irrigation Systems on earth, R&D work started. In the year 2005, BHUMI Company converted from “the reputed  vendor to company”. And today not only in India but in the whole world BHUMI Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is standing as a huge company.

     BHUMI has machinery made of best technology in the world today, through which excellent quality product is produce. Today, BHUMI is company provides best technology in Drip irrigation system, Sprinkler and mini Sprinkler irrigation system, as well as Green house & Net House, Automation etc... It is also 9001-14001 certified company that makes the highest quality products. All the equipments produced in the company are prepared as per the need of the farmers and the latest system which is acceptable worldwide. Before the equipment reaches the farm, the company passes over the modern lab where passes through the testing aroma, so that there is no problem related to the quality that reaches the customer.

     To work in the micro irrigation systems, the company has huge network in many countries of the world besides India. There is a huge staff of each area to make this network known fully. Including  R&D, production, A Huge team of agriculture engineers Also for after sales and service fully qualified employees are available. Because of such experience and capable staff can give more guidance to the farmers. BHUMI is the foremost amongst the companies that work in the area of MICRO IRRIGATION SYSTEMS. It is a pride moment for Gujarat and India.

     BHUMI Company is also involved in the GGRC project run by the Gujarat government. The government has been working sincerely in the field of Micro Irrigation Systems, reaching out to the farmers every year to provide subsidy to the farmers.

      The company has been continuously researching the efficient method of farming and other field of agriculture. The main purpose of company is to provide “PER DROP MORE CROP”, to reduce cost of irrigation to the farmers & bring prosperity in farming. India’s 70% population is dependent on farming so the India is agriculture based country. Micro Irrigation Systems are the best option while question of water is becoming more complicated. The purpose of the company is to supply Micro Irrigation System equipment to each farm and it is fully utilized. This is the best way for the emergence of the country’s farmers and the green revolution, on which the company’s working is endless.